A $29 Belkin/Anker wireless charger killer, Mongda never heat up!

On April 3, 2019 US East Coast Time, the Mongda team will release a mobile phone wireless charger in Indiegogo, one of the world's largest crowdfunding platforms.


This Mongda wireless charger uses an intelligent active cooling system to ensure efficient charging throughout the entire process. That is why we dare to announce that we accelerated the wireless charging.


MongDa’s team members have an average of more than10 years' Electronics R&D and design experience, and we were in charge of the R&D and design for the standard iPhone wireless charging brand Belkin. In other words, our team are pioneers and explorers in this field. As and adventurer in the industry, we have stepped up its solutions for designs, materials, chips, motherboards, and supply chains in thousands of experiments and innovations. 


After market researching, we find defects in efficiency of  existing wireless charging products : the heat generated by charging leads to a decline of charging efficiency, damaging the phone terribly. Therefore, in order to overcome this problem, we developed the new hardware and update the software, enabling higher charging efficiency and safer protection. Meanwhile, our efforts have been approved by professional associations,

Our innovation was selected for the first prize of the Cross-Strait Innovation Competition in October 2018.


The design is our crystallization of wisdom. It adopts the element of “UFO” and “space ship” in Sci-Fi. Its detail design blends aerodynamic, which highlights future science and technology and implicates its uniqueness of ‘fast charging’.

Performance & Core Technology

Mongda is a wireless charger that supports all Qi wireless charging specifications (7.5W, 5W, 10W), especially Apple's 7.5W wireless charging, charge up to 50% in 38 minutes for iphone 8.

Smart Temperature Control And Wireless Fast Charging

Mongda adopts an automatic cooling system which keeps the phone’s temperature below 30 degrees Celsius. This will ensure the battery at low temperatures when it is being charged, thereby protecting the battery and extending the lifetime of your phone.

Besides, heat dissipation holes on the right and left side of its bottom can ensure the maximum cooling effect. 

Smart Noise Reduction

When the light dims, the product could adjust the rotation speed of cooling fan or turn it off automatically. Meanwhile, the noise stopped (it adopts high sensitive environmental sensor for detecting visible light, frequency spectrum covering an area of 450nm-1000nm), intelligently identify natural light and artificial light source, when the brightness changes, the sensor would convert optical signal variation to current variations. After micro-control identifies current variation, the rotation speed of cooling fan will be adjusted or the cooling fan would be turned off automatically through internal PID algorithm.

Multiple Protection Makes Charging Safer

The MongDa can protect the mobile phone under the following conditions: overvoltage, under voltage, over current and short circuit. For example, In case of overheating and high temperature of the charger, the wireless charger will automatically power off to avoid safety hazards and ensure the dual charging safety of the wireless charger and the mobile phone.

Mongda wireless charger multiple safety protection

Future Prospects

More technology-friendly appearance, more efficient charging function, more comfortable detailed design, higher cost performance and faster update speed are exactly what Mongda is pursuing.

In the foreseeable future, the wireless charging market will show great potential. And we believe that Mongda will have a place in the future.