About Us

goesmo Foundation

Founded in 2001, as subsidiary of Padmate, with integrated design, R&D, testing lab and large manufacturing bases, Goesmo is committed to accelerating and delivering smart home products even from the concept stage.

Team & Facilities

Design House. Within Goesmo's 33,000 sqft design house, 70+ designers and engineers for Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Graphic Design, Hardware/Software Design and Production Jigs work together with Project Managers on OEM/ODM projects from global markets. Many of the engineers have more than 10-year experience devoted to R&D including working on critical projects from top 500 companies. Our R&D project focus is on sustainable quality and reliability.

Testing Lab. In order to ensure the success of new development projects and the quality of production, Goesmo set up a 10,000 sqft lab equipped with Bluetooth, RF, battery charge/discharge, noise level, acoustics, humidity, temperature impact, moisture, salt, fog, vibration, drop, tension, water pressure, and Lifespan testing., This space is also used for RCA (Root Cause Analysis),3D dimension measuring, Tension test and RoHS analysis and Water pressure test etc. With an increasing ever-increasing number of new projects coming in, we have been always focused on investing in specific testing equipment accordingly as well to meet our changing needs.

Manufacturing. With an 270,000 sqft ISO 14001 & ISO 13485 audited manufacturing base where it has more than 150 sets of state-of-art Japanese machines, equipment, and tools for mold making, automatic precise injection molding, clean room spray painting, stamping, SMT, automatic gluing, ultrasonic welding, heat press, high-frequency cutting and welding, dust-free assembly, laser engraving, logo printing, and packaging. Thanks to 500 employees, we output 1 million pieces of monthly output on average.

What We Do

Home Products. One of the most important business sections in Goesmo is OEM and ODM of cutting-edge designed high-quality Smart home products, such as faucet, soap dispenser, showerhead, sink, etc.

Core Competitiveness

20+ years OEM/ODM experience with top 500 companies gives us a deep understanding, of R&D, manufacturing and project management for new products and future iterations. We now have set the team that is now ready to provide real one-stop service.

Our Honor

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