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 Intelligent active cooling system 

By adopting an automatic cooling system, Mongda keeps our smart phones' temperature below 29˚C. This ensures the battery will be kept at low temperatures while charging, protecting the battery and extending the lifespan of your phone.
Heat conducting CNC aluminum alloy material absorbs heat fastHigh performance cooling fan blows heat away quickly, ensuring low heat through out High speed cools fast once powered on to absorb heat material,Military grade eat insolating semi conductor remains cooler to the phone’s surface, lowering its surface temperature.


Advanced technology detects your wireless charge compatible devices, delivering up to 7.5W for Apple devices, and 10W for Samsung. iPhones are charged to 50% in 38 minutes and fully charged in 2.5 hours.

 Optical Environment Sensor

Intelligently identifies natural and artificial light sources to adjust the rotation speed of the cooling fan when the brightness changes. This automatically reduces the noise caused by the fan while charging at night.

Mongda wireless charger 

With 10+ years' experience, Monda team from Harda group decided to direct their own research in developing new technologies and using different materials to enable greater charging efficiency and protection for smart phones.

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 What do customers say?

To be honest, the wireless charger is not a novelty, but I fell in love with the appearance of this gadget at first glance. Woaw the Batman , every little kid wants a batman to protect himself, maybe my phone needs him, too xD. I haven’t got the product yet, but in my heart, this creativity is enough to attract me.

Seneca Arreola

Backer on indiegogo, MEXICO

Well, yesterday I saw my friends using wireless charger, this gismo is excellent. So I also want to buy this gadget. My friend’s wireless charger has a lot of noise when he using it. Mongda has a reduction of noise, this is exactly what i want. and certainly it is not expensive. So I back it .
BTW, I will recomment when i receive my gismo.     

Ignace Austin


I live in France, you say that you can delivery it in May, I hope this is not a lie, if I can really receive the product in May and the product quality is good, I will definitely share it with my friends.

Jason Eos


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