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Goesmo Soap Dispenser Combine With Plant Pot

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  • Near-field infrared sensing
  • Rapid bubbling 
  • Adjustable soap level
  • Water resistant IPX4
  • Combine with plant pot
  • No contact more hygienic
  • 40 days of continuous use

Customer Reviews

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For those who need a compact automatic soap dispenser, I recommend this device. It allows you to set your preferred amount of soap per portion and has a sleek design.


If you are looking for a compact and affordable product, check this one. Additionally, it has a leak-proof and stylish design and adjustable soap volume. Also, I'm loving their plant pot design! What an incredible product.

Easy to use.

This little foam dispenser is cute, easy to use, and does the job. the motion detection is sensitive, it dispenses a good amount of foams for your hands, easy to refill no instruction is needed. So far so good, my whole family enjoys using it.

Nice foaming Soap Dispenser, gonna buy a second one!

I got this foaming soap dispenser over the weekend and we have already gotten a lot of use out of it! The design is visually pleasing with that cute mini plant pot(I'm gonna think about what plant to plant on there)! That sounds silly but its true, some of the other dispensers out there have more of a commercialized bathroom look whereas this one looks nice sitting at my kitchen sink.

It was simple to add the soap and water to the tank. The first couple of auto pumps of the soap were a bit messy and too much BUT it was only the first couple of pumps and it was just the machine getting primed. Once sufficient soap is in the tube its easy going! You just wave your hand under it and it lights up, and it gives just the right amount of soap! Since we live in the time of covid 19 we have been washing our hands even more than usual and being able to simple wave your hand underneath the nozzle is a big plus, you dont get any germs on your soap dispenser. I really like the ease of use I am probably going to get one for the bathroom too. It's the perfect size and like I said before it looks pretty nice.

Such a fun soap dispenser for your bathroom!

This was so easy to use and gave us no hassle at all. We added the soap and water then connected the section to the dispenser and voila. We have foam soap at the outstretch of a palm.
I recommend that after you add your ratio of soap and water, you “stir” it to get it even. I use a chopstick to do so until the mixture becomes uniformed before screwing it on to add it to dispenser.
The thickness of the foam you want depends on how much soap to water ratio you do. I find it dispenses more foam when my soap is 1:3 to water 2:3. It gives you more because it’s not as thick so it doesn’t struggle to get out I suppose.
Btw the plant pot on the top was super cool, my visitors were so surprised by this idea and love to buy some too.

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Goesmo Soap Dispenser Combine With Plant Pot

Infrared Sensor System

Our soap dispenser has a highly sensitive infrared motion sensor. You only need to put your hands under the sensing area and the intelligent soap dispenser will automatically and quickly release foam, you don’t have to touch anywhere, so you can stay away from cross-contamination.

Simple Operation & Precise Control

Fully touchless foaming soap dispenser with high foam and low foam modes, it better meets your requirement. It can control the foam volume to 2 grades: High(1.0g)/Low(0.5g). Quick click power button to switch soap volume. It's very suitable for children and adults without waste.

Low Energy Consumption and Quieter

The use of micro-efficient motor and rubber shock absorbing structure not only has high foaming efficiency, but also is quiet when used. Intelligent and light design to reduce power consumption.

Waterproof & Durable

IPX4 waterproof design effectively prevents soap or water from corroding the circuit board. Goesmo soap dispenser is made of ABS + PET material, making it more reliable and longer lasting than similar products made of metal. 

Combine With Plant Pot

The soap dispenser uses an openable top cover with an internal depth of about 1cm, so you can add a touch of green to the house by growing moss plants on it, and get closer to nature.

Control by a Single Button

Turn on: press the button for 2 seconds, and the white light will be on for one second and then off.
Turn off: press the button for 2 seconds, and the orange light will flash 3 times quickly.
Switch: single press to switch high/low mode.
Sensing: the white light will flash quickly if an object stays in the sensing range for more than 4 seconds.


- Goesmo Soap Dispenser Combine
- Micro USB Charging Cable
- User Manual