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Lithium battery external curtain motor

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Mobile APP control, real-time feedback;
WIF connection, simple and convenient;
Flexible, ultra-quiet design, with three silent patent technologies, the noise can be as low as 30 decibels when running;
Wide voltage design, applicable to the voltage of all countries around the world;
Hand-pull start function, gently pull the curtains to move "3-5cm" under power-on condition, the curtains will start running automatically;
Encounter resistance stop function, running when encountering a certain resistance will automatically stop to protect the entire system;
Power failure hand-pull function, after power failure can be opened and closed manually;
Automatic Memory Stroke Function: The motor can automatically memorize the stroke position of the curtain when it is powered on for the first time;
Flexible, ultra-quiet design, high-precision DC motor drive, slow start and slow stop, running more lightweight; fabric rebound stroke correction function.