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Goesmo Touch-less Bathroom Induction Faucets with 1 Handle 2 Sensor Modes

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  • Dual sensor modes for touch-less activation
  • Handle-connected solenoid valve:
  • Healthy & Safe & Water Saving
  • Support traditional handle to control
  • High Quality & Durable
  • Easy Installation

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Dual sensor modes for touch-less activation

Featuring touch-less activation, which allows you to easily turn the water on and off with the wave of a hand. The sensing speed is 0.2s which can be sensitive and stable. And water flow can be continuously discharged for 4 mins with one sensing, and stops within 4 minutes without activity.

A. Faucet Tap Laser sensor

The touch-less faucet provides water immediately when your hand enters the sensing range, and stops when you remove your hand.

B. Side infrared sensor

Waving your hands alongside the faucet, and stops when you waving hands alongside it again.

Handle-connected solenoid valve

With this function and design, no power will be consumed, when the handle is opened, the solenoid valve will open automatically to activate the sensor.

Healthy & Safe & Water Saving 

Goesmo Bathroom Induction Faucets is made of eco-friendly, lead-free & nickel-free materials grade copper to protect the health of your family. When the handle is closed, the sensing function is automatically turned off without power consumption. Patented design sprayer enables you to save more than 30% water in daily use.

Traditional Handle To Control

If you like the traditional handle control, rotate this handwheel counterclockwise one and a half times, the whole faucet can be used as an ordinary single-handle control faucet.

Easy Installation

Comes with all necessary accessories for installation. Includes faucet mounting hardware, cold/hot hoses, and US standard thread fitting. No need to buy extra parts. Even if you're not plumber or handyman, installation is a breeze for any skill level with our instruction. 


Color: Brushed Nickel; Chromed Finished
Induction Mode: Laser + Infrared Sensor
Body Material: Brass
Handle Material: Copper
Number Of Holes: 1
Mounting Type: ‎Deck Mount
Package Dimensions: 14.2 x 10 x 3.6 inches
‎Item Weight: 4.14 pounds
Batteries Included: No